Namaskar, (I Behold the Divinity in you)!

As we walk along the shores of life, we are being told to possess all that
we see and use it for the betterment of the earth.  Nourishing the Soul
imparts ideas as sustenance to enrich our growth by feeding our spirit
with the Word of God.  It's mission is to share the food of life so that
people will know how to have joy, harmony, and wholeness in their life
and affairs.  For the Word is truly the food that when rightly appropriated,
gives everlasting life.  This site will help build awareness and confidence
in the indwelling Holy Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit which guides and
protects us in all aspects of our life to truly grow into a more splendid
expression of the Creator.

Open your eyes to a world filled with wonder.  Listen to your spiritual
self.  Spirit is speaking to you; always encouraging and guiding you.  
Open your eyes to the good gifts of God's Presence in your life.  
Recognize this Presence in the beauty of nature and the people around
you.  You can acknowledge your pain and what you see, but know that
the power of God is greater than all that appears.  Look to God in the
midst of every situation and allow your thoughts to be true, honest, and
of good report.  These thoughts allows you to stay centered in the power
of Spiritual Law.

We must never tire of allowing the wonder of life to feed and nourish us.  
If we do so, we cease to live and we are merely existing.

Choose to cast off the blanket of unforgiveness, fear and hurt that would
blind you to the wonder of life.  Choose to believe in yourself, to believe
in the goodness of others and to bring your belief into action.  Give
thanks that life is forever renewing itself. Gratitude percedes the prayer.  
Many are praying with you that your heart, eyes and ears are open to
feel, see and hear the instructions of Spirit.  Stay in the receptivity- the
garden of thankfulness.

In Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living
soul."  Man seems to have forgotten this principle.  He thinks of himself
as only human.  Let us begin to feed our soul (our real self, our spiritual
self) with the food that gives life, strength and devotion to the Giver of

The soul is fed by thought.  True soul food is the Word of God.  The
Word of God when properly appropriated makes the soul Divine.  Man is
Spirit, soul, and body.   The body is soul expressing.  What are we
expressing?  What do we feast on?  What do we think on?

Spirit says: be hungry!  We may be eating the fast foods (the things that
our taste buds say: '0h, Good!') but they are not the nutrients that truly
satisfy our spirit.
 And our life shows this hunger because no matter how
much we consume, we are never fully satisfied
. As a result, we do not
have the true nutrients that wards off 'dis-ease,' in body, mind and
affairs.  Let us be diligent and feed our souls with the food of life.  We
master our body and mind by placing them in subjection to Spirit, we then
place our spirit in union with the Spirit of God. The spirit is man's inner
life that desires to be satisfied -- to be at one with its Creator.  Only in the
soul is the mystery revealed.

Know that ...

You are loved. You are one with the Universe!

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Nourishing The Soul